• Complete Surface Preparation
    Concrete Preparation Systems has a large fleet of dust controlled shotblasting machines and specialty grinders.  We have the equipment and the ability to complete large scale high production jobs to meet your required surface preparation specifications.
  • Flooring Demolition / Removal
    The propane powered Twister ride on scraper removes VCT, Sheet Vinyl, Carpet and Ceramic Tile quickly and efficiently.   Combined with our combination of scarifiers, scrapers and electric hand tools, Concrete Preparation Systems has the removal solution for you.
  • Vapor Mitigation
    Every non permeable flooring manufacturer has a specification regarding concrete vapor emissions and flooring installation.  Concrete Preparation Systems has the knowledge, diagnostic tools and specialty materials to test and remedy your specific conditions.
  • Flooring Leveling / Underlayments
    Concrete Preparation Systems utilizes the latest modern techniques and leveling materials on the market.  Along with our extensive training and leading manufacturer’s certifications, we can ensure your floor will have the proper fall or level to comply with necessary regulations.
  • Structural Repairs
    If the situation is spalled concrete, joint curling, cracking or other unsightly damage to your concrete surface we can help.  With our many products and experience with epoxy injections, Concrete Preparation Systems can fix your problems.
  • Concrete Polishing
    With certifications from the industries leading manufacturers and our large array of machines, Concrete Preparation Systems strives to be on the forefront of the industry.  Concrete Polishing is very user friendly and when you consider the fact that there are no coatings to fail it is clear to see why so many large corporations and schools are utilizing Polished Concrete for there flooring finish.
  • Custom Staining
    Chemical Stains can be applied to properly prepared flooring surfaces and overlays to produce attractive and distinct colors tailored to your unique style.  These elegant and durable coloring systems are becoming the first choice for architects and homeowners alike.
  • Decorative Coatings / Overlays
    With so many products and installation options available Concrete Preparation Systems can tailor a flooring system just for you.  Whether it is a spray applied deck coating, integral colored micro topping or a stained and sealed overlay, our installers will get your job done to your liking.